Genetic testing

and genetic counselling service

Diseases prevention and treatment will get highly effective along with our Genetic testing and counselling service. Protecting and medical care for your family in cancer, reproductive and cardiovascular areas.

CHEK Genomics accompanies a network of partners and laboratory with CAP and CLIA
Oncotype DX
Precision Medicine
Hereditary Cancer Screening
Newborn Screening
Non- Invasive Prenatal Screening- NIPS
Carrier Screening Test
Hereditary Cancer Screening
Carrier Screening Test
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Genetic Counseling
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About us

CHEK Genomics is a molecular diagnostics company in Southeast Asia leading in genetics for cancer, cardiovascular and reproductive diseases.

We have a vast network of hospitals and doctors countrywide that are ready to assist individuals or clinicians in selecting tests, evaluating results, and giving appropriate treatment.

CHEK Genomics
Testing at International laboratories
Using technology with high sensitivity
Returning results after 2 working weeks
Testing Procedure
Step 1
Pre-test counseling
Step 2
Collecting samples
Step 3
Sending samples to international labs
Step 4
Analyzing samples
Step 5
Genetic Counselor assessing results
Step 6
Post-test counseling