Precision medicine

Transforming cancer treatment for solid and liquid biopsy

Help oncologists and patients select the best treatments, therapies with tests from CAP-accredited lab in the US following NCCN Guidelines with over 400 publications.

Why is it important?
Benefits of the tests
Identifications of genetic alteration
✅ Real-time monitoring tracks tumor genetic changes, aiding treatment assessment and cancer progression evaluation.

✅ Provides comprehensive information by capturing the diverse genetic variations within a tumor.
Personalized cancer treatments
✅ Genetic testing enables identification of specific tumor markers for immunotherapy and targeted therapy eligibility, tailoring the approach to their individual needs.

✅ Offer improved outcomes with higher response rates, increasing the likelihood of controlling the cancer compared to traditional treatments, maximize treatment effectiveness.
Clinical Trials
✅ Provide available clinical trials for each genetic alterations. You can find details about trial objectives, eligibility requirements, and contact information to get further assistance.

✅ Clinical trials often offer access to innovative treatments that may not yet be available through standard care. This can provide patients with alternative options and potentially better outcomes.
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Sample Report
Details about patients, doctors and sample.
Summary of detected mutations and treatment selections.
FDA Approved therapies and their responsiveness.
Patient accessibility to available clinical trials.
The procedure for performing a cancer gene mutation test​
Collect blood/ tissue samples
CHEK sends the samples to the laboratory
Analyze results within 7-21 days
Advice on post-test results

There are many factors to consider before having a cancer gene test such as: type of cancer, small or large gene panel, cancer stage, medical recommendations, etc. The most important thing is that you need to talk to your treating doctor carefully about the benefits and limitations of each type of test.

If you make decision to have genetic testing done before treatment, it should be done early because cancer genetic tests usually take 2 to 4 weeks, including shipping time to the lab. Therefore, the earlier the decision to perform gene test, the more beneficial the treatment.

The following three types of results can appear in a cancer gene mutation test

  • Detect mutations with treatment recommendations
  • The detected mutation has not been recommended for treatment because there is not enough clinical evidence
  • No mutations found

Any of three situations above will provide the information needed for the selection of appropriate treatment options.

This depends on purposes of your cancer gene mutation test:

  • For monitoring purposes: Can get liquid biopsy test to assess the condition of the tumor.
  • For therapeutic purposes: Can take blood sample or tumor re-biopsy to perform genetic mutation test when the disease grows or recurs.

This depends on the type of gene and the type of mutation found. If it is an hereditary cancer-related gene, such as BRCA1/2, etc., family members should take genetic cancer screening tests into considerarion. The results of this test will help assess an individual’s risk of cancer and also provide recommendations to prevent and reduce the risk of cancer.

Before having hereditary cancer test, you should further discuss the benefits and limitations of the test with your genetic counselor.

Depending on the gene panel, the type of cancer, and the laboratory, the test cost can be several million or more than one hundred million dong per test.

Please contact CHEK Genomics for advice on the most suitable test package.