CHEK Genomics

CHEK Genomics is a molecular diagnostics company offering
full-value clinical genomics testing services in Vietnam.

CHEK Genomics connects a network of major international labs which are leading names in the industry with international certificates in genetic testing such as CAP and CLIA to support genetic consultants leaders in Southeast Asia. Our Genetic Counselors and Medical Affairs are readily available to assist clinicians with test selection, case reviews and results interpretation.

CAP is the College of American Pathologists. CAP standards are recognized internationally and considered the industry leading ones.


CLIA is crucial for cancer patients as it ensures that the laboratory tests conducted for your diagnosis and treatment adhere to rigorous quality standards, incorporating important data and insights from renowned cancer centers. This guarantees that the results are dependable and accurate, enabling your healthcare team to make informed decisions to provide you with the best possible care.


The NCCN guideline is important for cancer patients as it incorporates key data and expert consensus from a network of renowned cancer centers, backed by extensive research and statistical analysis, to provide evidence-based recommendations for the best treatment options, helping to guide healthcare providers in delivering optimal care.


Why are these industry standards important for patients

When you have a lab report from a certified laboratory with CAP and CLIA certification, hospitals and healthcare providers around the world readily accept it. This means that you can travel to different countries, such as the US, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, and seek a second opinion from another qualified healthcare provider or specialist with confidence.

In simple terms, these certified organizations ensure that your test results are accurate and reliable. This is important because it helps patients like you have better treatment outcomes and receive the highest quality of care available.

CHEK Genomics Internationally Recognized Laboratory Partners
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