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FAQs about CHEK Genomics testing services

You will be supported by genetic counselors who have been trained in medical genetics and psychosocial counseling.

From the initial consultation onward, the genetic counselor will assist you in the following ways:

  • Enhancing your comprehension of your family’s medical history.
  • Investigating the underlying factors leading to the decision for genetic counseling to providing you with a more comprehensive perspective on your particular circumstances.
  • Supplying and discussing the necessary choices that must be considered.
  • Furnishing information regarding the available types of genetic tests and elucidating the implications of test results for your personal well-being and the hereditary predisposition to diseases in subsequent generations.
  • Offering guidance on the suitability of genetic testing, recognizing that in certain cases it may not be essential.
  • Encouraging and supporting you throughout the counseling process, facilitating decision-making, and overseeing the implementation of necessary tests.

You are welcome to be accompanied by a close relative or friend during the counseling session. Their presence will enable them to pose additional questions or address any pertinent concerns that may have inadvertently been overlooked. The experts consistently endorse thorough exchanges during each genetic counseling session.

Upon completion of the genetic counseling process, you will possess a comprehensive and unequivocal understanding of your personal health, enabling you to make informed choices regarding medical interventions and lifestyle adjustments that will positively impact your own well-being as well as that of your family.

Genetic counselors are esteemed professionals with extensive expertise and years of experience in both the fields of genetics and counseling. These counselors operate within a diverse range of areas, encompassing oncology, reproductive medicine, pediatrics, and adult genetics. Some genetic counselors specialize in particular domains, such as cardiology, neurology, reproductive genetics, and other specific disciplines.

It should be noted that certain counseling experts opt for non-clinical roles, pursuing avenues such as genetic research, academia, community healthcare, or industry-specific sectors. They function as integral members of the healthcare team, diligently assessing your risk of genetic disorders. In doing so, they provide comprehensive information concerning disease susceptibilities and available therapeutic interventions. Additionally, they offer guidance and emotional support to individuals facing high-risk circumstances or those diagnosed with specific genetic conditions. Genetic counselors also excel in the interpretation of genetic test results and provide unwavering support throughout the entirety of the counseling process.

Absolutely not!

Genetic counselors do not prescribe or mandate any specific options or genetic tests. In the realm of reproductive genetic counseling, counselors do not discourage individuals from having children or advise pregnant women to terminate or continue a pregnancy solely based on the presence of genetic risks or abnormalities. Rather, their role is to provide you with precise and comprehensive information, enabling you to make informed decisions and pursue appropriate actions, such as lifestyle modifications and healthcare adjustments, in order to adapt to identified risks and manage the transmission of genetic disorders. Additionally, you will receive professional psychological support throughout the genetic counseling process.

Not necessarily, during the genetic counseling session, the genetic team will evaluate the appropriateness of recommending genetic cancer screening tests and engage in discussions with the patient and their family regarding the available options.

Majority of Vietnamese families often seek genetic counseling services in neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, among others within the region. However, genetic counseling services have now become available in Vietnam, facilitating easy and expeditious access to these services without the need for additional travel expenses. Typically, individuals are referred to dedicated genetic counseling centers by their respective physicians. Alternatively, authorized centers with technology endorsed from foreign countries can be consulted for genetic counseling and testing, if deemed necessary.

Chekco, a reputable center in Vietnam, specializes in aggregating and providing cutting-edge solutions for personalized healthcare from various global sources. They currently offer comprehensive support for genetic testing and counseling services in the country.

  • Patients will be notified upon the availability of their test results.
  • They will receive emotional support and counseling regarding the emotional implications following the disclosure of the genetic testing results and any concurrent medical issues within the family.
  • The genetic screening test results will be transmitted to the attending physician or relevant healthcare professionals to determine the subsequent course of treatment.
  • Supplementary information will be provided pertaining to genetic disorders, genetic support groups, and appropriate services.

The information provided during the genetic counseling session will be rigorously protected and held in strict confidentiality, without any unauthorized disclosure to third parties.

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