Hereditary cancer screening

The test screens for up to 84 genes of common inherited cancers, by the Next Gene Sequencing (NGS) (SMSEQTM).
Hereditary cancer screening
Detecting Early Cancer Risks With Hereditary Test
The tetsing of 2 genes related to the genetic predisposition of breast cancer are BRCA1 and BRCA2. From that test result, the genetic counselor and doctor also support you with methods of prevention and early diagnosis.
Cancer is a dangerous disease that progresses slowly and is rarely detected early. Because the symptoms are often confused with other common diseases, many patients are diagnosed with the disease at a late stage. When there is a family member with cancer, you should consider seeing a geneticist to learn about the risk of cancers passed down from previous generations to have a suitable prevention plan.
Is Cancer inherited?

Your family and yourself have a higher risk of cancer if there is a family history of cancer. Unwanted gene mutations from grandparents or parents have the potential to be passed on to the next generation and cause hereditary cancers.

We all have a 50% chance of carrying a mutated gene inherited from a parent, or grandparent.
Currently, about 5-10% of cancers are classified as hereditary cancers.

Hereditary cancer screening helps prevent cancer from happening. For patients with cancer, detecting genetic factors is important in changing treatment.

There are dangerous gene mutations in the DNA sequence
Gene mutations are passed on to the next generations
Children with gene mutations have a higher risk of cancer

The Genetic Cancer Screening service at CHEK Genomics assists in screening up to 67 genes associated with hereditary cancer that can be passed down through multiple generations within a family using Next Gene Sequencing (NGS) (SMSEQTM) method, in order to provide timely treatment measures.

Currently, the incidence of cancer is increasing at a significant rate. According to the 2020 GLOBOCAN statistics, the global situation of cancer incidence and mortality is trending upwards. Early detection of the disease to implement timely treatment measures is particularly crucial.

Testing Procedure
Take sample
Take 1 tube of blood for testing
The sample will be sent to a laboratory certified for analysis using Next Generation Sequencing
Explain result
Your results will be sent to the referring doctor. If there are any questions, we will perform genetic counseling after the test.

The taken specimen for analysis and test is blood sample.

This test helps analyze gene mutations, thereby identifying the risk of inherited cancers with common diseases such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer…

Cancer screening has many methods, as well as different technologies at testing centers and hospitals.

According to the therapist, before the screening test will not need to fast.

Hereditary cancer test with gene is a new method that is quite popular. The results after the screening will provide more useful information than the usual cancer screening.

Hereditary cancer testing results provide information including:

  • Hereditary cancer risk: Testing helps find out the risk of passing on cancer-causing gene mutations to future generations.
  • Developing cancer risk: Helps the one who gets tested know how your developing cancer risk is.
  • Effective cancer prevention and treatment. Along with that, you are also advised by doctors to have a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease. As a result, it helps to reduce the risk of getting disease or dying from cancer.

Inherited cancers include:

  • Breast cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Gynecological
  • Cancer
  • Paraganglioma and/or
  • Pheochromocytoma

If you have a close relative (parents, siblings) with this type of cancer, your possibility of getting it, increases.

Cancer screening is considered as a cost-effective method, bringing the highest efficiency in the screening, assessment, and early detection of cancer cells as well. As a result, it helps to plan an appropriate treatment regimens to prolong the patient’s life.

This is encouraged by medical experts to be able to detect cancer at an early stage. In early stage, the patient has an increased chance of survival.

Depending on each hereditary cancer screening package as well as the unit you choose, the service price will be different. The price of a cancer screening package from basic to advanced will range from 2,000,000 VND to 15,000,000 VND.

If there is any suspicion of abnormal signs in the body at some point or there is a family member with cancer, you should choose to screen each organ separately.

Currently, in Vietnam, there are many gene testing centers. Accordingly, the price of gene testing services varies based on the number of genes, as well as the genetic variation (change) you want to analyze.

You can perform gene sequencing services at reputable testing centers or hospitals. Screening prices are quite diverse, with many different service packages, to meet the needs of customers. Depending on the testing technology, there will be different prices.
You should pay attention to choose a reputable unit to carry out the screening. CHEK Genomics is currently the leading gene testing center in Vietnam. Therefore, if you have a need for the service, please contact CHEK Genomics immediately for support.

The results are valid for a lifetime, you only need to do it once to determine if you have a gene mutation that increases the risk of cancer for you and your family. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a reputable laboratory for producing results that are valid for a lifetime.

Depending on the method, the screening technology used and the time to get the results will also be different. Usually results will be available in 14-21 business days*.

When I have an inherited gene mutation, will I get cancer?

If you carry an inherited gene mutation, it means you are in a higher risk group for inherited diseases than other people. But this result does not mean that you definitely have cancer or not.

So you should not be too confused about the results you get. If you carry an inherited cancer gene mutation, your risk of getting the disease is higher. Therefore, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle, screen for disease to detect cancer early.

When I don’t have any inherited gene mutation, will I definitely not get cancer?

This result shows that you do not carry any common genetic abnormalities. Thus, the possibility of diseases is quite low. But this doesn’t mean you won’t get that genetic disease.

You need to perform screening regularly, eat and rest scientifically to maintain your health in the best way.

My Hereditary test result is a VUS mutation, will I have cancer?

VUS is a type of genetic change that is not known to cause the disease at this time. This is because the human genome is still not fully understood. There are not enough genomic alterations to classify them as a direct causative agent of disease or merely benign alterations.

The cases of these VUS variants will be tracked and reclassified in the future.

The answer is yes.

Hereditary cancer test helps you look for gene mutations leading your higher risk of certain types of cancer. You should get tested right away if:

  • Family history of a member with cancer
  • When feeling some abnormalities.
  • Worried about the risk of disease.

Yes of course. This is essential to check if your family members have the same mutated gene as you. This helps to detect the disease early, reducing the possibility of disease development at its early stages.

Early treatment reduces costs and increases the cure rate.

Usually your parents, siblings, children will inherit up to 50% chance of having the same gene mutation as you.

Answer: YES.

You should immediately notify your family so that they can get screening for the disease.

This helps to minimize the possibility of getting sick, as well as having the best treatment options for both you and your loved ones if you carry a gene mutation.

If your test is positive gene mutations, your chances of inherited cancers are higher. At this time, you need to perform reasonable screenings to detect cancer early.

Along with that, take preventive treatment to prevent cancer from appearing. Besides, you also need to pay attention to build a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer.

With CHEK Genomics, customers will be able to use the most advanced and modern test – Next Gene Sequencing (NGS)(SMSEQTM).
Accordingly, this method uses NGS sequencing with advanced technology (SMSEQTM) up to 84 high-risk genes leading to 25 different types of cancer. This will help you detect your risk of cancer early.

For more advice on Hereditary cancer screening services at CHEK Genomics, please contact us immediately via hotline 091 176 3082 for customer care team to advise and support.