Newborn Screening

HOME / SERVICES – REPRODUCTIVE The Newborn Screening Service at CHEKGenomics is an Analytic Test of 160 genes associated with neonatal metabolic diseases, suitable for premature & newborns, or babies in intensive care unit. NEWBORN SCREENING ON GENOMY Give Your Baby A Solid Start Learn more CONTACT NOW The Newborn Screening Service at CHEKGenomics is […]

Non- Invasive Prenatal Screening- NIPS

HOME / SERVICES – REPRODUCTIVE Non-invasive Prenatal Screening A Safe Kind Of Blood Test To Know Your Baby’s Health Learn more CONTACT NOW NIPS (Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening) is one of the new prenatal screening tests that check for common genetic conditions that can affect the health and development of the unborn child. Testing Procedure Take […]

Carrier Screening Test

HOME / SERVICES – REPRODUCTIVE Screening for FEMALE CARRIERS Are you planning to have a baby? Did you know that it is the combination of genes of the couple that determines the health of the child! Learn more CONTACT NOW Large gene table Screening for up to 302 genes Provide comprehensive information Includes 300 metabolic […]